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Tissue Box Manufacturer in China

We are a household name for being a leading tissue box manufacturer in China. We are specialist in the plastic industry and are serving customers for over two decades. We are the best tissue box supplier, specifically in our local markets. Our high-quality, reasonable product price and reliable customer service make us stand out. Apart from the above, we strive to manufacture and offer a new product every 12 months.

We take proud of having a skilled and resourceful team that works day in and day out to make chaocheng best from the rest. Currently, we have 60 plus experienced workers alongside ten skilful designers. One of the leading products that we design and offer is the tissue box. A tissue box with so many dimensions makes us unique.

Professional tissue box manufacturer in China

We offer the best tissue box in different sizes, colors and fancy-looking styles. Besides, the tissues in a box also came in different sizes and form. Different style of windows of tissue boxes also makes our product eye-catching.

While hearing the name of a tissue box, a plastic made tissue box instantly strikes our minds. But we go one step further and offer a transparent and the best tissue box manufacturer in China. Not only it is pleasing to the eyes, but it also helps to remind when to refill the box.

We also offer a new and trendy looking tissue box that has the top portion uncovered. Not only the top, but these types of box also have two separate compartments to make it look more stylish. Our vast range of products has helped us grow to become the leading tissue box manufacturer in China.

Check out our product R-3022 in the product section.

What Else?

Off course! Apart from abovementioned products, there are numerous types of tissue boxes that you can discover in our products section. As a best tissue box supplier, we have made a whole new world of unique and stylish looking tissue boxes; just for you.

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